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This site is for Maui artists and filmmakers who want to make art films for festival exhibition.

Film Art on Maui

Tsingy De Paia a surrealist short film by Josh Meredith

Want to help produce an art film for festival exhibition?

Wonder about film art and non-traditional film form?

Enjoy working with a small crew?

Want to gain experience and advance your acting skills?

Looking for an outlet for your music?

            Every year there are a few short art films that both entertain and dare creatively. Occasionally a film comes along that was shot on the cheap but really delivers. Our goal is to push the artistic form, while keeping budget low and sweeping the audience away on a wild ride they will enjoy. Waking Life, Clerks, Bottle Rocket, and Easy Rider are examples of feature films that have successfully combined low cost, creative form, and good story. Tornado House Film plans to shoot a short art film on the island of Maui . Maui offers a wide variety of fabulous outdoor locations and some indoor locations that are one of a kind.

Photo by Sean Fleck

            Several short art film screenplays are on the table for consideration.  Most of the screenplays are about twenty to thirty pages in length and will be about a half hour on screen. The screenplays each have a cast of about fifteen actors, with about four lead actors evenly split between male and female roles. Union and non-union actors and crew are encouraged to contact us about working on the production.

            We own some film equipment and will be renting whatever else we need to do the production. Crew size for the film will be tight, around eight crew people on set. The shooting will proceed with a single camera for most setups for the first unit. A second unit may be in charge of producing a short documentary of the production of the film that discusses the origins of the themes in the film and the method of production.

            In addition to short art film production, Tornado House Film also offers production assistance, location assistance, and videography on Maui . We do work for hire for events such as music concerts, theatre video, and weddings. We also sometimes work for other film or television production companies.

            Sign up for a free newsletter to find out more information about working on a short art film production on the island of Maui , or contact us to request a custom videography estimate. Thank you for visiting Tornado House Film.